Lydia and William

5.18.19 | Knoxville

Our little love story began in September 2011 in the halls of our high school in New Tazewell, Tennessee. As Will and I got to know each other, we discovered that we shared similar personalities that best complimented each other and easily made the other laugh. Within a couple of months, we went on our first date, and shortly thereafter, we would become inseparable. Over the next couple of years, we would become best friends and share many milestones together. As our college days came to a close, we both accepted jobs in the Tri-Cities to begin another chapter together. While I went to work in sales for a medical device company, Will began a career as a materials engineer at Eastman Chemical Company. In April 2018, Will got down on one knee at the beautiful Magnolia Gardens in Charleston, South Carolina. As you all know, I said YES and now our journey really begins. We cannot express the excitement inside of us! There are plenty of seats to be filled and wish lanterns to be lit – all we need are your lovely faces.

Lydia & Will
Lauren Chism